Which Engagement Ring Should I Buy: Diamonds or Moissanites?

Buying an engagement ring within your budget and requirements can sometimes be challenging. Selecting the right gem and base metal within your budget may not be easy if you are a newbie at this. Therefore, you should do complete research before shopping for your engagement ring.

Don’t forget to keep comfort, lifestyle, size, and other factors in mind if you want to make the best purchase.

One of the most confusing things that hit our minds is whether we should go for diamonds or other gems that resemble diamonds. Though diamond is irreplaceable, you can still take a chance with moissanites. Do your research on diamond vs moissanites, and you will find your answer.

This article will also give you a short brief on which diamond ring you should choose.

First, consider a few factors in choosing your preferred gem.

Durability: Both diamond and moissanites come in excellent durability. Undoubtedly, diamonds are more durable, but moissanites will also give you the almost same quality for a more extended period. They leave no scratch or damaging signs even after regular use.

Price: The price for moissanites is always the most appreciable thing for the people with a low budget, looking for the best deals. You can get moissanites a carat for $600, while the diamond will cost you $6000. So, the pricing varies a lot in these two gems. Though there will be less noticeable differences in the overall look between moissanites and diamonds, make sure you get your desired gem.

Sparkle: Diamonds and moissanites both sparkle in the lights the same way. But moissanites usually leave a rainbow sparkle in the lights, while diamonds leave colorless sparkles in the light.

Cut and Shape: If you see diamond vs moissanites, you will find moissanites and diamonds with the same cuts and shapes. The clarity and cut in both the gems will be visible when you test them in the lights.

Conflict and Environmental Factor: Moissanites don’t have any dispute or non-ethical factorsaffecting your purchase. They are created in labs, unlike natural diamonds.

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