Simple items to upgrade a plain look

Hace you been feeling like your wardrobe is just plain clothes and you want to look more refined in your regular appearance? It can be intimidating if you’re new to the fashion world or feel like you can’t keep up with the trends. Guess what, we’re here to help you out a little with that! Here are some basic ideas that will definitely help you look a little less plain!


Scarves are a feminine way to add a little dimension to your outfit. Use silk ones for evenings out or lighter ones for those lunch dates. Wrap them around your neck in a pretty knot, tie a bow in your hair updo or use it on your handbag straps to make it look much more fashionable.


Although belts can look a little over-the-top on some attire, you can choose a good leather or funky belt to a plain dress. This also brings some shape to an otherwise loose or baggy outfit.

Fine jewelry

Nothing says chic like a sparkly necklace of lab grown diamonds or a pair of gold earrings. Fine jewelry are a fullproof method to add some classy aesthetic while keeping it simple and even work friendly. If gold or diamonds are a bit out of your budget, you can opt for wholesale diamonds london and get some custom jewelry done, or even white gold.

Bold colours

If you’re like most people, you are probably used to wearing monochrome or full blacks or whites. We understand the comfort and familiarity of those ensembles, but try to step out of your comfort zone and add a splash of bright yellows or oranges to that get-up. Find the balance you are satisfied with since the choice is subjective. Use jewelry, manicure or even shoes to ease into this style.


This is another good way to explore if you are used to simple colour palettes. Start off with classic patterns or even stripes with other solid colours. However, beware of using too many patterns as this can look overdone!

The key is to take inspiration and put your own twist on it to make it a personal style so you look your best! So rummage through your closet and don’t shy away from exploring!

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